Do you host clicker training classes?

Make learning this method of pet training a breeze for your students.  Attract more clicker training class sales to your pet store.

Maybe you have a website for pet products,  start offering these great new training tools on your website.  


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The Essential New Tool for Clicker Trainers!

Ez Click Clicker Harness

The Clicker Harness places the clicker right where you need it most, in contact with your thumb enabling you to click instantly.  It can easily be moved in and out of position with the flick of a finger. This allows you to use your hands freely and still click effortlessly. Make clicker training an enjoyable experience for both you and your pet.  Start training the easy way with the Ez Click Clicker Harness.



Ez Click Clicker Collar


The Clicker Collar fits both oval style button clickers and box style clickers with a tab. Worn on the thumb or any finger like a ring it keeps the clicker in the correct position and still allows a hands free training session. Stop reaching for your clicker. Improve your timing and accurately mark behavior. Now, you can achieve great results in your clicker training with the Ez Click Clicker Collar.

Anyone using clicker training methods in their pet training will benefit from these great new training accessories. Our clicker attachments will dramatically improve your ability to accurately mark behavior when clicker training your pet. You will be amazed at how much easier it makes training with a clicker. The Ez Click Clicker Collar and the Ez Click Clicker Harness will give you the opportunity to achieve positive results with your clicker training.  Find out why we say...

Ez Click Makes Clicking Easy!